A&O Department Review

A&O Department (2005)

Anna Span is Britain's first porn film director. Her dissertation at university was entitled "Towards a New Pornography." So as you can imagine, she brings a very unique, intellectual, female perspective to the world of porn.

A&O Department is set in a hospital, run by a bunch of horny female doctors, nurses, researchers and dentists. Their sole aim in life is to get it on with their patients, male and female.

As you can imagine, this scenario gives rise to all sorts of enjoyable sexual shenanigans, with plenty of elbow room for all those standard medical/doctor fantasies. Girls, if you've ever had that "examined by a bunch of male doctors while in stirrups" fantasy, you might be curious to see the final scene.

You'll also be pleased to know that every woman in this film has an orgasm. Indeed, the guys aren't allowed to get off until the women come. This is gloriously refreshing. I don't care if the orgasms are fake or not (although a lot of them looked very real), the important thing is that this film guarantees pleasure to its women.

The sex is a bit more realistic than your standard Californian fare, so the women actually do interesting things like suggesting a position change rather than everyone just stopping and automatically doing it.

There's a lot of humour in this film, and something of a knowing attitude to the whole thing. It's also nice to hear a British accent in a porn movie. The sets look something like a British hospital soap opera or sitcom and the costumes are great.

This film is something that can agreeably be watched by women, but it's still basically a movie for men. The sex is all penetration based and things do descend into the standard porny cliché every now and again. It's also quite hardcore and features a number of more extreme acts like deep throating, ass-to-mouth and bukkake, so avoid this if you're after more vanilla fare.

Despite feeling a little turned off by those things (especially the ass-to-mouth… EW!) I enjoyed the movie. It did turn me on, and it also made me laugh, something that doesn't happen often with porn movies.

If you're after something different that both men and women will enjoy, I recommend this movie.

Written and Directed by Anna Span
Starring: Jana, MacKensie Lee, Alexis Silver, Alicia Rhodes, Sahara, Jessica Vine, Mark Marais, Dirty Dog, Cory Jazz, Jon, Kevin, Jacques and Andy

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Reviewed March 2006