About This Site

Porn Movies For Women is a site that aims to recommend adult movies to both straight and lesbian women and to couples.

The site has been online since April 2004. It has grown from a small listing of female-friendly straight films to an archive of over 500 movies in a wide variety of genres (at time of writing).

What makes a film "for women"? There's no exact answer. I will admit, this is a very subjective phrase and it relies on my own definitions of what I think will appeal to women. The best I can do is give an explanation of why I've included the films.

Firstly I looked at whether the film itself was expressly made for a female audience. Candida Royalle's films fit easily into that category, as do those of Petra Joy and Erika Lust among others. The simple act of overtly catering to a female audience is an important step; the vast majority of films pitch themselves solely to a male audience and don't acknowledge that women might be watching.

There have been a few exceptions to this rule, however. I've encountered a number of adult films that claim to be made for women but they're little more than a rebranded men's film. If it's obvious that the "for women" tag is the result of a marketing company trying to cater to women without actually understanding what they're doing, I won't list it.

I've tried to choose films that focus on female pleasure and that feature real female orgasms. I feel that "pleasure equality" is vital when it comes to making a film female-friendly.

Realism is also a factor. So many of us are tired of the fake tits, the ridiculous positions, the bored moans. If the sex is realistic, it's always better.

I've also included films that offer the female gaze; that is, the film is made with the assumption that the audience is female and thus the camera acts with a female point of view.

If the director seeks to create a film with a feminist or humanist perspective I will also include it on my site. That includes male filmmakers too.

The site features a growing number of independent and queer films. This has been an exciting development in the last few years - dykes and genderqueer filmmakers creating their own vision of what's sexy, throwing out all the cliches and breaking new ground in porn. I believe that women of all orientations will find these films interesting and arousing.

I have a "couples" page, designed to include films made for men and women to watch together. It's something of a fraught category because more and more mainsteam porn companies are seeking to make "couples" films in an attempt to attract female customers. Alas, too often this means simply filming in soft focus or adding a flimsy romantic storyline while still keeping the same old formulas for filming sex - and still giving priority to male fantasy. The couples page includes a few of those films but I've also tried to highlight those films that are legitimately worth watching.

My reviews tend to follow the principles mentioned above. Of course, they are written from a personal perspective and should always be taken as such.

Please note: I am making assumptions about the term: women. I'm pretty much talking about cisgender women, although I don't exclude trans people from this site. But it was originally set up for my target audience of cisgender women and the site continues to use my original terms due to search engine optimisation.

Update 10th Feb 2013. I've now made a page for trans porn that focuses on authentic representation of trans people. I've also created a few more categories over the past couple of months in order to better cater to my surfers and I'm going to add more as I find the time (e.g. Just Sex, Gonzo, More BDSM, Gay). I've still kept the original three categories (for straight women, for couples, for lesbians) because I think they're still useful.

About Me
I'm a writer and webmistress. I've been making adult sites for women since 2000. I run Bright Desire, a feminist site that features all of my films. I also jointly run For The Girls, an adult magazine for women. As Ms Naughty, I blog about porn for women.