An Open Invitation Review

An Open Invitation: A Real Life Swinger's Party In San Francisco (2010)

An Open InvitationRemember that scene in Eyes Wide Shut when Tom Cruise is wandering around a full-scale orgy? As we were given brief glimpses of bodies writhing in the background, did you wish the camera hadn't been so coy about it all?

An Open Invitation may be the answer to all the tantalising fantasies promised by Kubrick in Eyes Wide Shut. It offers the promise of a real orgy performed by real swingers, going at it in full view of the cameras. And given that most of us have daydreamed about this kind of scenario occasionally, the scenario created by this film is very appealing.

But this is porn, and orgies are a dime a dozen, right? So what makes this movie different?

An Open Invitation is a film made expressly for couples by a female director, Ilana Rothman, so you know it's vaguely female friendly. And it's a collaboration between European company Private and hip young San Francisco things, so it comes with a slightly different attitude to most porn valley films. AVN went so far as to say it was "The best couples movie to come along in years!"

This orgy film is certainly a step up from your average gonzo gangbang. It features an interesting plot, believeable characters and some great acting along with high production values. Nonetheless, it's worth remembering that this is a "couples" film, which means that it's not really willing to stray too far from the official porn formula when it comes to the sex. There's plenty of endless moaning, heels left on and facial cumshots a go-go. Perhaps the best thing to say here is at least they do the cliches well.

An Open Invitation centres around a married couple Alison and Will Bloom (India Summer and James Deen) who are in a bit of a rut sexually. One night they meet dashing young lovers Vivian and Adam Angel (anal-loving Lorelei Lee and Micky Mod) and, after a few drinks, end up at a small swinging party. Amid all the foursomes and fucking, our protagonists give partner-swapping a try - and love it. The next morning, inspired by their explorations, they can't keep their hands off each other. Before long they're invited to a full-on orgy at the Armoury in San Francisco and have the night of their lives.

Few porn films take the time to explore the idea of an evolving sexual relationship (at least within marriage) so this makes for an engaging and interesting plot. The couple's curiosity and love for each other brings their exploration of this new world to life. You care about where they're going and what they're feeling. Indeed, their experiences feel quite realistic; it's easy to believe that an average, everyday couple could end up amid such a lurid fuck-fest and still maintain their trust and love for each other. That's some wonderful wish-fulfillment, which is what porn is ultimately supposed to offer.

As I said, the various scenes that occur before the Armour orgy are fairly cliched and also tend to go on too long. Still, there's regular use of Hitachi vibrators and condoms and the stars seem to enjoy themselves a great deal. The guys are also great eye candy.

The main attraction is, of course, the swinger's party itself, attended by hundreds of real-life swingers, many of them wearing masks. They cavort in several sumptuous rooms, decorated in red velvet and mirrors, eagerly kissing and fucking in corners and on couches. Others look on happily, some masturbating, some just sipping their drink.

Amid this delightful debauchery, our main stars fuck and then swap partners. There's lots of oral sex and a bit of double penetration... but you know what? I was far more interested in watching the people in the background. And I really enjoyed the bits when the camera just showed the real people getting it on. There was no deliberate changing of positions for the camera, even though some were happy to play up to the audience. Instead, we get to see some seriously hot, passionate and lusty sex, performed by less-than-perfect people who only care about having a good time.

That to me is what made this film worth watching.

Starring: Mark Davis, Jack Hammer, James Deen, India Summer, Tia Ling, Lorelei Lee, Wolf Hudson, Jessie Cox, Tara Lynn Foxx, Mickey Mod, Bella Rossi, Skylar Price, Dennis Popher, Seda, Gia DiMarco

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