City Of Flesh 3 Review

City of Flesh 3: Cummittment (2005)

City of Flesh 3City of Flesh 3 would have to be my favourite film in the City of Flesh series.

Director Estelle Joseph has done her best to create a porn movie that women will enjoy, and I'm happy to say that she largely achieves her goal in this film.

By far the standout reason I love this movie is because of Maxx. This rather hunky male porn star is an absolute cunnilingus champion. He knows how to apply his tongue and goes at it with gusto. There's none of that fake, all-for-the-camera licking that you see happening in your average Vivid movie. Nope, here we see Maxx sticking his whole face right in there, using every part of his mouth to give his co-stars pleasure.

In the first scene Maxx goes down on Dana Marie with such joy that she almost forgets her lines. It's a real treat to see a porn star squirming all over the bed, forgetting to "act" and just enjoying herself. That alone is worth the price of admission.

This film offers an intriguing plot. A couple decide to test the strength of their commitment by visiting a sex therapist. She sets them various sexy tasks to perform, including a rather erotic encounter with a strap-on. There seems to be a real emotional connection between the two main actors (even though I've heard they didn't get along on the set). It's easy to believe they are a real life couple.

Some of the acting can be dodgy, I will admit, and the supporting actors aren't the best, but overall this is one helluva hot movie. The music is original and interesting, and the scenarios will turn you on.

Written and Directed by Estelle Joseph
Stella Films
Starring: Dana Marie, Maxx, Hailey, Rick D, Elel

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Gamelink: Video on Demand
Also available to stream or pay-per-view at: Ms Naughty AEBN
You can also buy from the makers at Stella Films Productions

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Reviewed March 2006