Erotic Encounters Review

Playgirl's Erotic Encounters

In 2005 Playgirl finally decided to start making hardcore adult movies for women. Following a distribution deal with Wicked Pictures in 2006, the company has been churning out one title per month.

Erotic Encounters is the third such installment and it pretty much follows the formula that Playgirl has set out for its feature films: vignette-style sex scenes depicting female fantasies, lovingly shot with soft focus, sweeping camera shots and non-irritating music. Beautiful people abound in their films, especially the men.

Indeed, Erotic Encounters is chock-a-block with honed, exceptionally gorgeous guys including Nick Manning, Jean Val Jean and the scrumptious Niko. The latter has made the jump into porn from modeling and has created quite the career for himself, appearing in almost every Playgirl title so far.

This film lines up eight individual vignettes – that’s eight sex scenes. Yep, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck here. Almost all of them feature a voiceover that sets the scene, introduces the characters, and pretty much dispenses with the requirement that the actors say anything too much. Which makes a nice change since it removes any cringeworthy bad acting from the film.

I found the voiceover to be a wonderfully sexy addition to what I was watching, even if the language was rather flowery at times. It helped to ramp up the sexual tension, and to give the lovers a reason for what they were doing.

The scenarios are sexy enough: seducing the gardener, fucking a stranger in an alley, getting it on with the guy behind the counter at the movies. The women are always the instigators of sex and they’re the ones calling the shots most of the time.

While the camera lingers more on the men than standard pornos, the sex is very forumulaic. Indeed, you’d see pretty much the same thing in any Wicked “couples” movie. Yes, there’s a bit more kissing, fondling and eye contact than usual, but after that we get the same ol’ same ol’ – cunnilingus, fellatio, vaginal sex in 2 positions with no clitoral stimulation, cumshot. There’s no facials here, but to me the bigger crime is that there are no female orgasms. Such a shame considering this is supposed to be a film about female pleasure.

The standout scene is at the end. Entitled “Vampyre” it features Niko as a fast-moving, black-clad immortal, seducing his waiflike lover with passion. It’s a stylish sequence, beautifully shot in a luscious gothic set and, while the sex is still formulaic, it manages to capture some of the ethereal quality found in these kinds of fantasies.

The pacing is rather slow. I ended up watching the film at 2x just to get through it in one sitting. It may be advisable to watch Erotic Encounters in short sittings, or perhaps have it playing in the background in your bedroom.

If you’re looking for something different or extremely hardcore, this might not be for you. This is good-looking porn for women who like to take it slow… and very straight down the line.

Starring: Grant Michaels, Kris Slater, Jean Val Jean, Marcus Leon, Nick Jacobs, Nick Manning, Niko, Sascha, Violet Blue, Taylor Lee, Michelle Lay, Lola, August, Roxanne Hall, Alex Devine, Kelly Kline, and Vanessa Lane
Studio: Playgirl/Wicked

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Reviewed July 2007