Eyes Of Desire Review

Candida Royalle's Eyes of Desire

Eyes of Desire is one of Candida Royalle’s best films. Years of honing her skills as an adult filmmaker and a creator of women’s erotica are on display in this movie, and the result is an extremely watchable and enjoyable film.

Missy plays a lonely woman staying with a friend, Amy (Sharon Mitchell) for a few days after breaking up with her boyfriend. Amy shows off her new telescope which she uses for spying on her neighbours and invites Missy to make full use of the equipment. Thus it is that our heroine becomes quite the voyeur, spying on Amy making love with her boyfriend and witnessing a guy dressed in drag being discovered (and fucked) by his girlfriend. But then she spots another telescope in a window of the old “abandoned” mansion on the hill.

Intrigued, Missy is drawn into the mystery and ends up involved with a seductive stranger (real-life husband Mickey G), one who arouses her senses and awakens her hidden desires.

It’s an interesting enough story, one that provides numerous opportunities for sex scenes. They’re all male-female scenes involving vaginal intercourse, so anyone looking for “adventurous” sex in this film may be disappointed.

Candida’s special brand of porn is always on display here. The guys cum internally, there’s lots of eye contact and intimate whisperings, and plenty of cunnilingus and clitoral stimulation. The camera draws back to show both partners and doesn’t spend too much time on gynecological detail.

It’s the little differences that I really enjoyed. Things like seeing Missy’s toes curl as her boyfriend goes down on her, or getting a glimpse of him masturbating as he licks her.

There’s hints of comedy in the drag scene (“You’re stretching my underwear!”), as well as one of the best “pop shots” I’ve seen: rather than just having an external “money shot” because that’s how things are done, this couple makes it a proper erotic moment. He wants her to watch him come, urgently asks her to look. She obligingly does, and you know that it gave her pleasure to see it happen. If only more cumshots were like that.

For me the stand out scene of the film is an unusual one, and it doesn’t involve any “standard” sex. Rather, Mickey G watches Missy through the telescope as they have phone sex. He orders her to touch herself, and she can’t help but obey his low voice. The luscious, suggestive conversation made me hot. This scene is full of the erotic possibility of sex, of the anticipation and fierce imagination that precedes making love. It’s just gorgeous.

Eyes of Desire has elements of soap opera and squishy romance, and no less than three sex scenes with log fires in the background. I’m partial to a bit of squish, but others may find this a turn off. The story can be a little slow in places, but the acting and cinematography is always top notch.

If you’re after a well-made, romantic porn movie that gives priority to female pleasure, you’ll like Eyes of Desire.

Starring: Chloe Herschel Savage Mickey G. Missy Sharon Mitchell Tom Byron Tony Tedeschi
Director: Candida Royalle
Studio: Adam and Eve

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Reviewed April 2006