Occupied: REview

Occupied Starring Maggie Mayhem and Kathryn Dupri
Directed by Shine Louise Houston

When industry body XBiz announced that they had created the first ever award for feminist porn (Feminist Porn Release Of The Year), there was quite a bit of excitement in the femporn community. Finally, the mainstream industry was going to recognize the growing movement of people trying to create an alternative type of porn.

The inaugural 2014 award went to Shine Louise Houston's 15 minute short film Occupied - quite an achievement, especially as it was up against 9 other feature films, including some from large studios. While its uncertain what the criteria were for selection, it's certainly an achievement for Shine and her distribution site Pink Label.

I've been meaning to check out Occupied for a while now. The premise is quite unique and just a little daring: it takes the political premise of the Occupy movement and melds it with queer porn. Politics is something that porn often steers away from for fear of offending potential customers. This short cheerfully wears its politics on its sleeve (or, perhaps, in its cunt)..

The plot is simple. An Occupy protester, played by Maggie Mayhem, is chased by a police officer ( Kathryn Dupri ) into an abandoned building. There, the sexual tension overcomes any sense of enmity and the pair fuck each other lustily on the floor. But will Kathryn follow through on the her duty as an officer of the law? And why does Maggie have a black eye?

The film has some nicely-executed opening scenes with good acting by both leads. It's nice to see the story giving a believable reason for the sex that follows, one that adds a bit of spice and power play into the mix. The pair eagerly leap into extended sex scene with Maggie on the receiving end of Kathryn's fisting technique. This is followed by a bit of fun when the policewoman inserts her police baton before Maggie reciprocates with her fingers and tongue. Eventually Maggie has a huge orgasm and the pair collapse on the floor.

If you're a fan of queer porn or want to see girl-girl sex, there's a lot here to like. The chemistry is strong between the performers and the sex is fast-paced, passionate and quite intense at times. The pleasure experienced by both performers is very real and evident in their reactions.

The idea of the police baton is pretty hot but I found myself wishing that Kathryn had kept her uniform on for that part, just to really ramp up the policewoman fantasy.

Technically the film looks nice enough, although it's a little dark in places. There's also a lot of camera noise messing up the sound mix during the sex scene. My main gripe is the apparent use of a single camera, often used in close proximity to the performers, which means the audience misses some of the action, especially during Maggie's final orgasm where we don't see her face. I couldn't help but wish for some wide shots occasionally.

That said, it's nicely edited with a good attention to detail in the setup shots. There's also a fantastic cameo at the end by porn legend Annie Sprinkle and her partner Beth, waving their own Ecosexual placards.

Overall, Occupied is a fun erotic short that successfully combines protest with orgasms.

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