Mainstream Movies With Hot Sex

Non-X Rated Movies With Great Sex!
If you're after something with sex, emotion, romance or intimacy, but without too many graphic details, these are the movies for you!

Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1997)

This film was not well received by critics, but I loved it. Plenty of romance, colour, extremely good looking Indian men, and an almost Shakespearean plot. The sex scenes are sumpuously filmed, with candlelight and warm flesh a big feature, and the tone is erotic rather than gynocological. If you are expecting a film actually depicting a hundred Kama Sutra positions, then this is not it. Rather, it's a bit like a Mills and Boon with hot shagging added. Great fun.

Red Shoe Diaries (1992)

This movie starring the luscious David Duchovny was so successful it went on to become a series on the cable network Showtime. After his fiance's death, a man discovers a secret diary revealing her obsession with another man. We then explore her emotional and sexual experiences in flashback. Women have long been fans of this film - it has plot, romance, and some very steamy sex scenes.

Monster's Ball (2001)

This film contains a scene where Billy Bob Thornton goes down on sad widow Halle Berry - and there's so few cunnilingus scenes in mainstream movies that it's worth a mention. There's also a full-on, carpet-burn-filled sex scene which is also a depiction of emotional extremity - it's very intense to watch. This is a great film that isn't necessarily concerned with sex, but it's worth a mention just for those sexy scenes.

Bound (1997)

Directed by the Matrix's Wachowski brothers, Bound is essentially a gangster heist movie. The difference is that the principal characters are lesbians. It's a great film, made better by the two extremely steamy lesbian sex scenes... one involving cutesy Jennifer Tilly doing her best to seduce her butch next door neighbour, and the other a full-blown, very realistic lovemaking scene. Feminist and author Susie Bright was a consultant on this film, ensuring that the lesbian stuff was authentic. Better than that, it's hot!

Body of Evidence (1993)

Yes, it's a Madonna film, and yes, it's not very good. Nonetheless, the sex is outstandingly hot, particularly the handcuffs and hot wax scene. The Wise Women recommended it, and who am I to argue?

Henry and June (1990)

The US censors reportedly invented the NC-17 rating for this film, which depicts the various sexual liaisons between writers Anais Nin and Henry Miller along with his wife June. There's a lot of sex, including a lesbian scene between Anais and June (played by Uma Thurman), but the plot is also engaging.