Female Fantasies Review

Female Fantasies (2006)

Female Fantasies I'll just say it. I absolutely love this film. It offers everything I've ever wanted from an adult movie and ticks all the boxes in my list of "what should be in a porn movie for women." It is, quite simply, completely fabulous.

Given that that's not really enough for a proper review, I'll stop gushing for a bit and give you some information. Female Fantasies is the second film by independent British photographer and filmmaker Petra Joy (read more about her here). It depicts the sexual fantasies of Petra's friends and photography subjects, as well as her own imaginings. Petra's motto is "feeling it, not faking it" and she aims to create believeable erotic scenarios that depict a woman's point of view.

Petra's pursuit of her philosophy means that this film is distinctly different from most of the movies being churned out by the porn industry. It features explicit sex but doesn't insist on hardcore shots if it interferes with the actors doing their thing. Intercourse or a cumshot aren't considered to be the ultimate goal of a scene; rather, female pleasure is the main point. The actors are often paired with their real-life lovers, and few of them fit into the standard bleached, plastic porn star image. Many are amateurs and all were chosen because they supported Petra's philosophy and understood what she was trying to do.

The film is visually striking as well. Petra is unafraid to take the time to dress a set luxuriously or try something new with the camera. Her scenes have a sensuality and lushness to them that is exquisite to watch. The cinematography is brilliant and the music is individualistic but well suited.

The film features eleven different segments. Eight of these are sex scenes and the other three are artistic montages of erotic images. The sex on offer ranges from soft to hard and kinky, covering male-female, group sex, girl-girl, gay and bi sex and threesomes. That bland description doesn't do it justice, of course. Each scene is believable, watchable and very, very sexy.

Take for example the first scene, where a woman lies down blindfolded on red satin sheets, and a bevy of masked men and women appear, all of them intent on kissing, stroking, tickling, touching and licking her. And that's all that happens. How many porn films can you name that are willing to just show pure sensuality like that?

There's a scene in a men's bathroom where three guys are kissing and sucking each other's cocks (something you'd never normally find in a "straight" genre film). Suddenly a burlesque-style vamp arrives and takes control with a strap-on, making them pleasure her, even as they pleasure each other. It's kinky, unusual and extremely hot stuff.

Then there's the bit where two fully-clothed guys make love to a girl on, and in, a car. They focus entirely on her until she comes, grabbing the gear stick. No dicks, no cumshots, just female pleasure.

I won't describe them all; suffice to say they're all very engaging and don't engage in any of the standard porn cliches I've come to hate.

Even the "interludes" are interesting to watch, though they are relatively tame in the scheme of things. There's one bit filmed entirely underwater, with naked men and women twining about each other in the pool. Unique.

There's just so much to love in this movie, it's hard not to sound like a PR hack when writing about it. It's not often that I review something and have a hard time finding fault; I'm picky like that. But this one was different. You know that feeling when you're watching a porno and you want to fast forward some of the boring bits? That didn't happen to me with this film. I enjoyed every second of it. It just made me happy - and relieved - that at last someone had created exactly the kind of porn film that I myself wanted to see.

Thus, I can't recommended it highly enough. Watch Female Fantasies. You won't regret it.

Starring: Emilia Ren, Lili La Chrosse, Violetta Storm
Director: Petra Joy
Studio: Strawberry Seductress

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